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Natalie Vaia (Seeker of Light) is a self taught cosplayer, seamstress, and designer based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Natalie has made over 100 personal cosplays with skills mainly based in sewing and foam-work. Her work has been published in multiple magazines and has won multiple awards. Natalie made her first cosplay in 6th grade and has never stopped creating. She started her journey towards a professional career in 2016 at 18 years old when she opened her Etsy shop to sell custom cosplay pieces, which she now runs full time. Natalie has prior experience with stage performance and character entertainment as she worked for two Princess Companies in NW Ohio. She currently is involved with the "Pittsburgh Avengers" where she continues character entertainment for charity.

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Event Services

  • Guest appearance in a cosplay of your choice 

  • Panel host with multiple topics to choose from

  • Cosplay booth with the option of having cosplay prints and/or small props available for sale

  • Costume contest judge with experience in sewing - foamwork - 3D Printing - and other crafting skills

  • Professional Handmade Cosplay

  • Content Creation will advertise the con before and after the event


Guest Appearances

  • Animarathon | Bowling Green, OH | Cosplay Guest - Panelist - Booth Holder

      2018 - 2019 - 2022- 2023​

  • Three Rivers Comic Con Lite | Pittsburgh, PA | 2021| Featured Cosplayer

  • Fan Expo Cleveland | Cleveland, OH | 2022 | Cosplay Guest - Panelist - Booth Holder

  • Thy Geekdom Con | Philadelphia | 2022 Cosplay Guest - Panelist - Booth Holder


  • Cleveland Gaming Classic | Ohio | 2022 Cosplay Guest - Booth Holder - Contest Judge

  • Steel City Galleries | Pittsburgh, PA | 2022 Cosplay Guest

  • Grand Rapids Comic Con | Michigan | 2022 Cosplay Guest - Booth Holder - Contest Judge - Panelist



  • Gem City | Top 10 | April 2017

  • Animarathon | 1st intermediate | March 2017

  • Fantasticon | 2nd Overall | March 2017


  • Steel Valley Holiday Parade w/ New Dimension Comics 2021

  • 96.1 Kiss Pittsburgh Stuff a Bus 2021

  • Super Hero Breakfast - Bob Evans 2021

  • Princess Meet and Greet Children's Museum of Findlay 2018

  • Cabin Fever Craft and Vendor Show Winter Sisters Meet & Greet 2018

  • Story Time with Belle - Panera Bread 2018

  • Adam's Action Figures and Comics - Comic Book Day 2018

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Table Examples

Vendor Table
Features high-quality cosplay prints and handmade items that are relevant with the theme of the con.

Media Appearances

  • Cosplay Realm

"Waifu Issue" February 2019 as Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender

  • Cosplay Alliance

"Photography Issue" April 2019 as Triss from The Witcher

  • Cosplayzine

June and July 2019 as Jasmine, Linkle, Rayla, Triss, and Suki

  • Cosplayzine

June 2020 as Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender

  • Cosplayzine

"Chadwick Boseman Remembrance Issue"  September 2020 as Spider Gwen and James Mills as Spider-Man

  • Cosplayzine

October 2020 as Vanessa from Black Clover

  • Creative Cosplays Magazine

"Christmas Issue" December 2020 as Spider Gwen and James Mills as Spider-Man

  • Creative Cosplays Magazine

"Valentine's Day Issue" February 2021 as Spider Gwen and James Mills as Spider-Man

  • Cosplay Alliance 

"Valentine's Day Issue" February 2021 as Korra and @Luna_lit_sky_cosplay as Asami

  • 6X Magazine 

March 2021-Fashion-Photo Collection "Cityscape"

  • Vigour Magazine 

March 2021-Fashion-Photo Collection "SpringTide"

  • Cosplay Realm Magazine

May 2021 - Crafting Issue as Triss Merigold from The Witcher​

  • Creative Cosplays Magazine

"Summer Issue" June 2021 as Korra

  • Cosplay Realm Magazine

"Heroes And Villains" July 2021 as Spider Joker/Harley​

  • Cosplay Realm Magazine

June 2021 - "Time Machine Issue" as Mara Sov from Destiny and Ariel from The Little Mermaid

  • Creative Cosplays Magazine

"Summer Issue" July 2021 as Batgirl​

  • Creative Cosplays Magazine

"Fall Issue" September 2021 as Harley Quinn​

  • Creative Cosplays Magazine

"Halloween Issue" October 2021 as Coraline​

  • Cosplay Realm Magazine

"Mages and Magic" November 2021 as OC elves

  • Myssfit Magazine

Issue #40 "Neon Colors" November 2021 Fashion​

  • Vigour Magazine

Cover and insert of Issue 09 November 2021​

  • Praze Magazine

November 2021 "Fashion"​

  • Creative Cosplays Magazine

"Spring Issue" March 2022 as Gwenom

  • Myssfit Magazine

"Cosplay Issue" April 2022 as Batgirl

  • Cosplay Society Magazine

"Marvel Issue" April 2022 as Sylvie from Loki​

  • Cosplayzine

"Feb-March" Issue 2022 as Yelena and Black Widow with Derrick Tamsula as Taskmaster. Features Yelena on the back cover

  • MALVIE Magazine

"May" Issue 2022 Cover and Full Article as an Angel "Seeker of Light"

  • Creative Cosplays Magazine

Mid Season Issue 2022 as Spider Gwen with Ryan Pitcher as Spider-Man. Featured on Back Cover

  • Cosplayzine

"August September" Issue 2022 as Harley Quinn.

  • Proficient Magazine

  • "September" Issue 2022 Angel "Seeker of Light"

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